Yeasayer – O.N.E

Posted on March 16, 2010


written for High Voltage

Attempting to categorise Yeasayer in terms of musical genre is a thankless task. There can be very few bands who attempt to fuse such an eclectic mix of influences and achieve such a unique sound. However, one thing for certain is that their new album Odd Blood offers a far greater dose of pop sensibilities than its predecessor and their next single O.N.E is probably the clearest demonstration of this shift in ideology.

The Brooklyn trio have quickly carved out a reputation for being a band which prides itself on great vocal technique, with both Chris Keating and Anand Wilder both offering thrilling vocal delivery. Wilder takes the lead on this track and offers a range of exciting pop melodies. There is a clear 80’s influence, particularly the way in which the drum pattern has been recorded, but at the same time they manage to create a modern and uplifting sound that will excite most listeners.

Yeasayer are one of many bands to emerge from the Brooklyn scene which has brought us lots of high-quality acts; but they have their own musical vision which makes them distinct from the rest. Their newfound pop approach means many fans of Yeasayer’s first album may feel disillusioned, but this single, and indeed the majority of their new long player, bristles with intent and encapsulates a celebratory feel. With summer approaching, expect to hear much more of the effervescent Yeasayer.

Release Date – 29th March

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