Woods – I Was Gone

Posted on March 22, 2010


written for High Voltage

There must be something in the Brooklyn water as this famous borough of New York is producing some seriously good music at present. What is so refreshing about the Brooklyn ‘scene’ is the bands that comprise it. They are impressive and obviously talented, yet the myriad of distinct sounds each creates and develops makes it impossible for one to make criticisms about lack of imagination.

Brooklyn-based Woods are a folk-rock outfit with some acutely psychedelic undertones and their latest single I Was Gone is a lucid demonstration of their unusual approach. It’s a song which has no right to be so good. A fusion of distorted tones, a homemade drum kit and haunting falsetto vocals should not equate to a cracking ‘60s sounding tune but somehow they have managed it. The simple lead playing lends itself well to the interesting vocal melody and the lo-fi production works a treat. I Was Gone sounds like a band having an informal jam in the garage captured on a low-budget recording unit, yet it makes you want to skip back to the beginning as soon as the track finishes. A song containing so few studio enhancements that still has such strong appeal should be saluted.

Release Date: 22.03.10

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