Bear In Heaven – Beast Rest Forth Mouth

Posted on April 30, 2010


written for High Voltage

The wait is finally over. Beast Rest Forth Mouth, Bear In Heaven’s second long player, was released in the US in October last year, but it has taken its sweet time to arrive on these shores. It bristles with purpose, retaining many of the psychedelic undercurrents that underpinned their first album, whilst adding a more substantial measure of pop melodies. It’s another fine example of what happens when talented and creative Brooklyn bands get into a studio, with the result seemingly always pleasurable.

Opening track ‘Beast In Peace’ sets the tone of the album wonderfully well, with an explosive yet simple drum beat starting things off before Jon Philpot bursts into one of his typically powerful vocals. Philpot sings with great passion, taking a high register with effortless ease, and it is this that is the bands most striking feature. Indeed, the power and feeling he injects into ‘You Do You’ and ‘Ultimate Satisfaction’ is quite remarkable and adds an exciting element to an already varied sound. ‘Lovesick Teenagers’ may just become one of the songs of the summer, with its contagious singing, carefree lyrics and eerie synth creating a truly powerful piece. They create a groove too, with Joe Stickney able to play almost any style of drumming. His talents are expertly harnessed on the album and he is key to their approach.

The strength of the album lies in the bands ability to take a seemingly wide-ranging collection of sounds and package them into a coherent piece of work. It is creative and accessible at the same time and this should make certain it is a success here in the UK. The band members are quite clearly very imaginative, with an ambitious vision of the kind of sound they want to achieve and these aspirations have driven Beast Rest Forth Mouth to a very high level indeed. One would expect Bear In Heaven’s stock to rise considerably once this album has seeped into more people’s consciousness.

Release Date – 5th April 2010

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