Animal Collective – ODDSAC – Mint Lounge, Manchester – 14th May 2010

Posted on May 24, 2010


written for High Voltage

An expectant audience packed into Manchester’s Mint Lounge to witness the regional premiere of ODDSAC, the new ‘visual album’ from Animal Collective. It’s an hour-long spectacle which marries together new Animal Collective tracks with eerie and psychedelic visual artistry. It is a piece 4 years in the making and offers fans an opportunity to get lost in the visual, as well as musical, world of the band.

The advice, given by one the producers of the film beforehand, was simple, “sit back, enjoy and don’t try to figure anything out”. That proved to be just about the best advice one could receive because making complete sense of ODDSAC is difficult on first viewing. Long stretches of abstract colours and trippy patterns were interweaved with more vivid narrative sequences, but the way in which the visuals allowed the spectator to get swallowed up and consumed by the music was spectacular. It’s a far from perfect production but one which intrigues and entertains and asks questions of its audience.

It is the bands collaboration with director Danny Perez which was the most unusual aspect of the production. The band are familiar to many but working in a spontaneous fashion with a long-time friend has seemingly created an off-kilter approach that compliments the experimental nature of the band’s music superbly. With vibrant landscapes and scenes with clear horror film associations, it is guaranteed to cut deep into the mind of all who watch it. For anyone with a passion for Animal Collective’s unique brand of musicianship this stimulating visual exhibition is a must-see experience.

DVD/iTunes release is scheduled for July 26 of 2010

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