Yeti Lane – Twice EP

Posted on June 8, 2010


written for High Voltage

Parisian popsters Yeti Lane have returned from their brief hiatus a member down, but the duo that remain have still managed to create some wonderful sounds on their new EP ‘Twice’. There are remnants of the old Yeti Lane, with the majority of the new EP still offering indie-pop delicacies, but final track ‘Wave’, coming in at 8 minutes long, shows a more experimental side to their sound.

Ben Pleng (vocals, guitar and synth) and Charlie Boyer (drums and synth) are what remain of the original line-up and between them they can still offer enjoyable music. There is a very phlegmatic feel to the vocals which works particularly well, carrying the listener to a relaxed and atmospheric world. ‘Speed Me Up’ is a cracking track, arguably the best on the disc, with a very pleasing guitar tone supporting everything. It is a CD you can get lost in and it proves to be an excellent return from the band.

Release Date – May 24th on Sonic Cathedral

words by Rob Pollard

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