Yeasayer – Madder Red

Posted on September 7, 2010


written for High Voltage

Madder Red is the third single to be taken from Yeasayer’s magnificent Odd Blood LP, and it is arguably the best. Yeasayer pride themselves on creating wonderful vocal melodies; but even with their supremely high standards, this track exceeds expectations. Madder Red is the pinnacle of the band’s new-found pop approach, with perfect chord changes and scintillating harmonies serving to create a beautiful piece of music. It boasts a strong chorus full of hooks and its release should help further the bands rise in the UK.

It is rare to see a band make such a sharp change of direction and pull it off so convincingly but that is exactly what Yeasayer have done. Their first album was a safe bet and it worked well; but their cleaner, more polished approach has proven to be a step-up. This song is indicative of everything good about the new Yeasayer, with high-pitched vocals, swirling synths and strong rhythms the key. A special mention must be reserved for the breathtaking backing vocals on the chorus which adds so much to the beauty of the song. This really is a stunning track.

Release Date – 30th August on MUTE

words by Rob Pollard

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