Passions Just Like Mine – Top 5 gigs of 2010

Posted on December 12, 2010


1 – Laura Marling at the Lowry, Salford

This was a truly spectacular performance from one of this country’s most gifted artists. Laura Marling’s stunning arrangements and incisive lyricism left her audience at the Lowry amazed at the depth of her talent. Later nominated for a Mercury (which she was cruelly denied), 2010 has offered further proof that Laura Marling is one of the best around. Absolutely note perfect, this performance tops the Passions Just Like Mine Top 10 Gigs of 2010 for sheer talent on display. review

2 – Deerhunter at Club Academy, Manchester

Deerhunter are becoming known as a rich source of great music, with their ability to mix ambient tones with pop brilliance their stand-out feature. Amazingly, this gig at Manchester’s Club Academy was not a sell-out but the band still played with great energy, despite suffering from jet-lag. Cox was funny and entertaining throughout as the band ripped through tracks such as Nothing Ever Happened, Never Stops and Operation. Quality stuff.

3 – Yeasayer at Academy 2, Manchester

Passions Just Like Mine favourites Yeasayer took to the stage and gave a blistering performance in a gig scaled down due to slow ticket sales. The vocal talent on stage was frightening and the set-list perfect as Brooklyn’s finest electro outfit ran through their career hits to date with professional aplomb. It doesn’t seem to matter which style of music they approach they do it with class. Their overwhelmingly large sound blew the audience away on a great night in Manchester’s mid-sized university venue. review

4 – Warpaint at Deaf Institute, Manchester

‘Hype’ was the key word going into this gig. Superlatives to describe Warpaint were everywhere ahead of the release of their new album, billing them as ‘the next big thing’, so could they live up to it? Emphatically yes. They played a great set full of strong songs. Technically, this band doesn’t exactly rival Led Zeppelin but the ideas that inform their art are exhilarating and fresh. Their stage presence is cool and they effortlessly flit from rumbling anticipation to raw energy within each track. This was a truly captivating performance in Manchester’s favourite leftfield venue. review

5 – Joanna Newsom at Palace Theatre, Manchester

In this famous old building smack bang in central Manchester, a young American by the name of Joanna Newsom graced us with her unnaturally talented presence. She showed everyone lucky enough to be there that she can write super complex songs and perform them with subtle ease. Her singing voice has to be heard to be believed and the quality of the musicianship was first-class. The appearance of the legendary Roy Harper only served to reinforce the brilliance of this special evening. review

Photo by Sam Ellis

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