Beirut Release New Single

Posted on June 5, 2011


written for High Voltage 

Beirut will release their new single ‘East Harlem’ on Monday 6th June, right before their world tour begins in earnest. This is one of the year’s most eagerly anticipated releases and anyone who has seen the song played in recent live sets will be excited to hear the recorded version. Underpinning the great vocal is beautiful ukelele, piano and brass instrumentation, it really is excellent stuff. Although the song is a new release and unheard by many Beirut followers, Zach Condon, the driving force behind Beirut, claims to have written the song many years ago. It will hopefully receive the airplay it so richly deserves.

Beirut are undoubtedly a leading light in the world of music and their return to comprehensive touring and recording is very welcome indeed. Condon has a wonderful ear for melody and a truly lovely voice, backed ably by an ensemble of talented musicians. The albums released by Beirut thus far have been nothing short of sensational, making any new release a highly exciting prospect.

words by Rob Pollard

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