Laura Marling – To be a Woman

Posted on May 2, 2012


written by Robert Pollard – Photo by Sam Ellis

The recent Record Store Day provided us with many special edition releases from artists across the musical spectrum. It’s a celebration of musical diversity; a show of support for our favourite artists and small, independent record stores. It’s growing in popularity and, although it seems like an overly manufactured return to the ‘good ol’ days’ when people only bought vinyl records, it is proving to be very useful at bringing the music community together to celebrate the great artists of today.

Of all the special edition releases for this year’s Record Store Day, surely none are as listenable as Laura Marling’s ‘To be a Woman’. It’s a beautiful track and one which again demonstrates that Marling is one of the finest British songwriters of all time.

Her skilled song-smithery is something we must embrace and so here is a YouTube video of the song which someone has kindly taken from vinyl. Absolutely superb I’m sure you’ll agree. Below that is a link to a recent live session Laura did for OPB Music in America.

Laura Marling on OPB Music

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