Deap Vally interview, Latitude Festival

Posted on July 27, 2012


written by Robert Pollard for Festival Republic

Deap Vally talk all things Zeppelin, magic potions and pedals

Deap Vally are a blues-rock outfit from the San Fernando Valley in southern California. Comprised of guitarist and vocalist Lindsey Troy and drummer Julie Edwards, Deap Vally make a big sound that is garnering attention. We caught up with the girls backstage at Latitude after their performance in the i Arena.

How have you found Latitude?
Julie – Great. It’s beautiful. I wish I could just live here forever.
Lindsey – Yeah, I wanna live here.

What makes this festival different from others?
Julie – There’s, like, tons of kids, which is great. There’s just kids having the best time all over the place. Dancing and getting really muddy.

How did your performance go?
Julie – it was great, yeah. We played in the forest. I mean, when are you ever gonna ride a boat to the stage? It just doesn’t happen. I can’t even remember the last time I was in a boat.

So, there have been some Karen O comparisons with you Lindsey. How true do you feel that is?
Lindsey – Sure, I can definitely see the similarities. We’re different in a lot of ways but Karen O is, like, pretty badass. She’s like one of the greatest front women of all time so fuck it I’ll take that. Bring it on.

Your guitar tone is very interesting. How do you achieve that sound?
Lindsey – If I told you that I’d have to kill you. It’s a magic potion.

What about great bands of the past. Who has inspired you the most?
Julie – Led Zeppelin. We shook hands with Jimmy Page yesterday. I’m never gonna wash my hands again, literally.

What guitar do you play?
Lindsey – It’s a 70’s Mustang. It was my dad’s and my dad bought it off a friend who sold it him for dirt cheap. I’m in love with it. I can’t decide if it’s a he or a she. It’s a bit of both. I think it’s an hermaphrodite. It’s name is Bobby.
Julie – I bought her a delay pedal because she didn’t have one. I was broke but I wanted her to have one. it’s been great. And whenever we load in to venues, people ask “Is it like some really cool pedal?” when actually you would like ignore it if you wanted something ‘cool’, ya know what I mean?
Lindsey – I’ve rented an amp head and Fender Deluxe Blues amp for this tour.

Julie, who’s influenced your drumming style the most?
Bonham but I feel too embarrassed and humble to say that. But also, my brother is in a band called Autolux and they have a girl drummer named Carla Azar and she is insane. She’s tight, groovy, creative – she’s so good. I’ve followed her for years and years since I was little and I don’t think I would play drums if it wasn’t for her.

Which other act are you looking forward to seeing the most here at Latitude?
The Horrors

This is our 7th year at Latitude. How would you sum up the festival in 7 words?
Magical, Muddy, Meat Market, Spaghetti Bolognese, Wellies, Hotties.

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