King Charles interview, Latitude Festival

Posted on July 27, 2012


written by Robert Pollard for Festival Republic

King Charles may only have one album to his name but he has made a huge impression. This year, he played Latitude Festival for the first time and a packed-out i Arena tent proved his indie-inspired folk is the perfect soundtrack to the summer. We caught up with him and speak festivals, melodies and Laura Marling.

Hello there King Charles, how did your performance go earlier?
Wonderful, wonderful. I really enjoyed playing latitude for the first time out on the I Arena stage.

So, can we twist your arm to come back?
Certainly, I’ve had a really nice time. I got here a bit earlier and have seen a few bands here and stuff – it’s been great.

Were you a festival attendee as a youth?
As a youth……yeah, I’ve been to festivals.

How does Latitude compare to others?
It’s great. It’s a really nice size actually, I love the size of it and where it is in the woods and in the wild. It has really great stages, it’s cool.

Give me an interesting festival anecdote?
As soon as I arrive I blackout and when I leave I wake up again, so I never really know what’s happened. There’s a whole lot of mystery!

Which artists do you rate at the moment? Give me some tips.
Jake Bugg – I’m loving Jake Bugg right now. I love Jake Bugg. And I like an American, New York rapper called Joey Badass, he’s amazing. I like lots of things.

You were in a previous outfit that toured with Laura Marling. That must have been cool.
Yeah, I’m a big Laura fan. Sadly I missed her yesterday.

Your melodies are quite unique. How do you come up with them?
I dunno. I guess melodies kind of find themselves. They come from some corner of your head. It’s a tricky question actually but I suppose there’s always a starting point, whether it’s a riff or a beat or something and a melody comes, and that’s the first thing.

Your album was well received. Do you listen to the critics or do you block all that stuff out?
I used to but I don’t anymore because it’s not a truthful idea of what the audience thinks. So there’s not much you can take from one persons opinion.

It’s our seventh year this year. Sum Latitude up in 7 words.
In the wild there were many bands.

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