Morrissey – Canadian Radio Session

Posted on August 13, 2012


written by Robert Pollard

Last year, Morrissey and his band took part in an in-studio session with Tony Visconti for the Canadian television group Rogers. It was only available to Rogers subscribers or on in-flight entertainment on certain Air Canada flights, meaning the elusive footage began to take on legend status, with fans desperate to see new Morrissey tracks recorded in a professional setting. However, some clever Morrissey fan has done us all a favour and brought the footage to the rest of the world.

Morrissey’s continued wait for a record deal means that, for now, these videos are the best way of hearing some of his new material. Video 1 has some interaction between Morrissey and Visconti before the band launch into The Kid’s a Looker. For me, this a weak song with trite lyrics and poor melody. I first heard it last year and was unimpressed then and not much has changed in the intervening period. Video 2 showcases Scandinavia and Action is My Middle Name, two wonderful songs that formed part of Morrissey’s recent Manchester Arena gig. Scandinavia in particular stands out as a strong track and I look forward to hopefully one day hearing a polished studio recording. The final video is of People are the Same Everywhere, another fairly new song yet to see the dim lights of a recording studio. See what you think…

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