Nick Clegg Apology

Posted on September 20, 2012


written by Robert Pollard

The big talking point in British politics over the last day or so has been Nick Clegg’s attempt at an apology for his party’s decision to renege on their pre-election pledge to scrap tuition fees. We all know the story. When they thought they were never going to be in power they offered up a progressive and appealing policy that had young voters excited – the scrapping of University fees. It sounded wonderful and exactly what you’d expect from a truly liberal party. Then they were in power (sort of) and went back on that pledge and in fact trebled tuition fees.

It turned out to be pretty much the death of the party; the noose around their necks ever since. Poll ratings have been disastrously low with the electorate struggling to trust anything they say after such a sharp u turn on a policy they had made such a big deal of before May 2010. So, with conference season looming large and Clegg’s leadership hanging by a thread, he took the unusual step of making a video to apologise for the breaking of the tuition fees pledge. Politicians, of any colour, struggle with sincerity and Clegg was no exception, it was pretty pathetic. I can’t trust the man for a second but thankfully someone has taken the time to put some handy subtitles on the video for a more truthful explanation of what Clegg was really thinking.

Below is a Steve Bell cartoon that says everything in one picture.


It now seems there has been a further spoof video made, this one being The Autotune Remix version. The Lib Dem press office have said on Twitter that Clegg has granted permission for its release but that all proceeds must go to Sheffield Children’s NHS Foundation Trust. You couldn’t make this up.

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