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Video of the Day…Grizzly Bear – Yet Again

October 1, 2012


written by Rob Pollard New Grizzly Bear album, Shields, is one of the finest releases of the year. It’s a rich, textured record containing some of the most infectious melodies you’re likely to hear. They’re a band who have avoided the pitfalls that hamper other acts by remaining true to the sound which has served […]

Video of the Day….Joy Division – Transmission

September 23, 2012


Robert Pollard Joy Division – one of my favourite ever bands – performing Transmission. It starts with punk-poet, John Cooper Clarke, reciting lines from his classic poem Evidently Chickentown, before rumbling bass notes signal the start of the track. It’s an absolutely brilliant song and the energy of this particular version is quite special. I […]

Video of the Day….Joni Mitchell

September 16, 2012


Robert Pollard It seemed to go darker earlier this evening and the temperature appears to have dropped somewhat. The ‘summer’ is over. Which made me think of an album I’ve always associated with winter: Joni Mitchell’s brilliant Blue. I first started listening to this album in the winter of 2005 and I’ve associated it with […]

Video of the Day….Morrissey – Art-hounds

September 14, 2012


written by Robert Pollard Today’s Video of the Day is a so far unreleased and unrecorded track by Morrissey called Art-hounds. This is the best quality video of this song available. When I first heard it months ago I was struck by many aspects: the falsetto lines, the intensity in Morrissey’s vocal, and the general […]

Video of the Day….Bob Dylan – Days of 49

September 8, 2012


written by Robert Pollard My video of the day today is more of a song of the day – Bob Dylan’s Days of 49. I’d been listening to Dylan for years before coming across this song in the Manchester bar Big Hands. A friend and I had paid for some tracks on the jukebox which,┬ámuch […]

Video of the Day…Gore Vidal & Hitchens on Chomsky

August 30, 2012


Robert Pollard Today’s Video of the Day is of Gore Vidal and Christopher Hitchens telling the same funny anecdote about one of my favourite writers and thinkers – Noam Chomsky. Professor Chomsky first came to my attention when I was studying English A-Level. He is one of the most celebrated and important linguists ever, something […]

Video of the Day…Bombay Bicycle Club – Lights Out, Words Gone

August 28, 2012


words – Robert Pollard After interviewing Bombay Bicycle Club at Leeds and then watching their terrific Main Stage performance, I’ve been listening a lot to their new record, A Different Kind of Fix, which really is fantastic. It’s great to see a UK band making interesting music and not being restricted to a certain sound. […]