Passions Just Like Mine is essentially a portfolio of all my written work. I am a freelance writer dealing with politics, music, tennis and football.

My interest in writing started during my undergraduate days when I would write for Student Direct, the largest student newspaper in the UK, and High Voltage, a small, independent music publication based in Manchester. I enjoyed the art of writing; trying to make clear my views in as interesting way as possible for others to read. This blog was set up as a place to host all of my work and to this day it serves that purpose.

Having graduated from the University of Manchester in 2011 with an MA in Linguistics, I decided to pursue writing more aggressively. I interned at the New Statesman for 3 months where I got to grips with how a fast paced news desk at a national title works. I had over 40 business and politics articles published during that time and left Fleet Street a better writer and determined to one day return.

Since arriving back at my humble South Manchester abode, I have been approached to write for a new football website, By Far the Greatest Team, and began writing about tennis for the Huffington Post. I have also launched my own website dedicated to Manchester City.

Robert Pollard

You can follow me and my City blog on Twitter – @_robpollard & @TypicalCity

photo taken by Sam Ellis

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  1. Elusive Doo

    February 5, 2010

    Good stuff PJLM and nice pics too.


  2. sorrowsnativeson

    February 8, 2010

    like the coffee cup in the picture.

  3. Hi mate, just read your article about I Am Blackbird, and I thought you may like our music. If you have a spare minute or two, please check out http://www.myspace.com/thefeldspar and let us know what you think. We have a single coming out in May. Our lineup is guitar, piano, cello, soprano sax, 2 voices.


  4. Robert Pollard


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