One Day Goodbye Will Be Farewell

Posted on February 3, 2010


Written for Student Direct                                            photography by Sam Ellis

After a breathless 2009, which saw the release of 2 new albums and 2 re-released classics, as well as endless touring across America, UK and Europe; 2010 looks set to be an altogether quieter affair for Manchester crooner Morrissey.

Alongside the health issues that have dogged many of his recent live performances, he now finds himself managerless and without a label, making the prospect of another busy year look increasingly unlikely. He has said he may go on for another 5 years, however, even the most optimistic of fans cannot envisage him going beyond that.

2009 though was prolific for Morrissey. The release of the highly acclaimed LP ‘Years of Refusal’ started the year with a bang, containing explosive tracks with honest and witty lyrics, something Morrissey’s devout followers have come to expect. The first single released was the perfectly crafted ‘I’m Throwing My Arms Around Paris’, a song which provided Morrissey with substantial radio airplay, something he feels he has long been denied.

The end of the year saw the release of Swords, an album that gathered together his noughties b-sides and placed them neatly onto one disc. It is amazing how strong his b-sides sound when arranged in this way. From the sharp social musings found on the wonderful ‘Teenage Dad on His Estate’, to tear jerking, heartfelt numbers like ‘My Dearest Love’, this collection has it all. It’s a shame then that his management could not be bothered to promote it properly, something that clearly irked Morrissey and led to an unceremonious split. ‘Swords’ also came with a second disc, ‘Live in Warsaw’, which, although not as strong as his last live release, again shows that his oft criticised band are tight, professional and full of passion.

Inevitably, as is always the case in the World of Morrissey, there was controversy. A gig in Liverpool lasted only 5 minutes because Morrissey was struck by a cup of beer, he collapsed onstage in Swindon, cancelled lots of gigs due to throat troubles and yet he still managed to enhance his reputation as a very gifted wordsmith. To his fans, Morrissey is a genius, someone who tells it like it is whilst singing from the heart. To the music industry and, indeed, the wider public, Morrissey is treated with suspicion and contempt and therefore has never been fully accepted. However, whether you like Morrissey or think he’s a whining bore, there’s no doubt that when he finally does hang-up his microphone he will leave a unique and lasting legacy.

words by Rob Pollard

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